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Lone Bird Comedy Mic at Mama's Bar 3/29/17

If over 30 comics are booked on the mic, we will reduce set times to 3 minutes. Otherwise, it's 4 minutes each. 

If you need to leave early, you can pay $5 to pick your spot. Only 6 people can do this. First come, first serve. If you don't have to leave, please stay until the end. It makes it more fun.

All other spots must buy one bar item in order to be put in the bucket to be drawn randomly throughout the open mic. Be nice to the bartender, Ravyn.

Lone Bird Comedy runs a pro show at New York Comedy Club with a few guest spots on it. Comics who come to the mics will be seen by the show producers. Comics who support the shows will be considered first for spots. Our next show will feature Mark Normandand Yamaneika Saunders on Sunday, April 2nd, 7pm at New York Comedy Club. Use code LONEBIRD for a $5 ticket:

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